Our Teams

Great Notley FC has a Development Squad that encourages local children to come and develop their footballing skills, for ages 4 to 6.  All local children at this age are welcome to come and participate in fun football sessions every Saturday, on a pay as they play basis.  Please use our contact form to get in touch or join the Facebook group

GNFC also has around 20 teams participating in local football leagues, from Under 7s (school Year 2) to Under 18s.  All of the Committee, Managers and Coaches are volunteers and we thank them for all their time and commitment to the Club and to the children who play football

League matches are generally played on Sundays from September through to May, with each team having their own weekly training schedule

Our teams, according to age groups as at the new September 2018/19 season:

cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgDevelopment Squad cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU7 Bears
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU7 Wasps cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU8 Hawks
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU8 Dragons cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU8 Sharks
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU8 Vipers cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU9 Jaguars
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU9 Rockets cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU10 Eagles
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU10 Lions cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU11 Irons
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU11 Jets cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU12 Hawks
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU12 Pumas cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU13 Cougars
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU13 Panthers cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU15 Rangers
cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU16 Ravens cropped-facebook-gnfc-logo3.jpgU18 Spartak

If your team doesn’t have any info yet and you want it to, ask your Manager to get in touch with Sarah via the contact form smile emoji